To communicate & captivate through the art of cinematic storytelling.


To inspire others to visualize, demonstrate & showcase their potential.


To operate with kreative flair through passion & authenticity. To produce exceptional quality photo and film content, by presenting my clients in a dynamic way to maximize relevant local and international industry exposure.


Visual arts is one of Konrad’s main passions and he strives to deliver an exceptional quality of work. He enjoys working with people from all walks of life while thinking outside the box.

Konrad aims to compare his work with a handful of world class photographers with the intention of obtaining more knowledge in pursuit of excellence. He finds that this is the healthiest approach to better himself without being discouraged or influenced by local trends.

Konrad’s photography showcase serves to exemplify many aspects of life. He wishes to express a visual language from his perspective. Konrad hopes that his work will stimulate his audience with an unique experience.

You are welcome to inquire below if you are interested in his services.


Konrad has an insatiable desire to tell stories and yearns to evoke an emotional connection with the audience by bringing characters to life. He aims to extract the best talent/characteristics from actors & actresses whenever possible. He loves setting a scene or to run with the spontaneity of the situation to captivate audiences.

He enjoys taking on projects that will challenge & stretch him as he believes this results in huge personal growth. Passionate people are and always will be a huge contributing factor to fulfilling his life as he wishes for others to benefit as a result of his projects.

His interest as a storyteller ranges from raw/gritty & intense sequences to dynamic art-like projects. He is inspired by many forms of art, photography and film. If he sees something that looks great, his nature compels him to find out how to do so in order to grow. He believes that it is important to stay true to who he is by doing his own thing.

if you are passionate about the film industry and wish to be a part of creating something creative then get in touch below.

Eph 2:8-9